Treasury Services

ING Bank's treasury services are used mainly by the bank's VIP customers. Based on feedback from our partners active on domestic and international markets the quality of ING treasury services is outstanding. The bank has a large and stable client base, its business results are significant in an international comparison as well.

The trading section of the treasury monitors the bank's own positions and ensures appropriate liquidity for the commercial unit. ING Bank is among the financial institutions having the strongest positions in this business, it is a market leader in Hungary in foreign currency conversion.

Sales agents offering treasury services provide the latest market information to their partners and execute the subscriptions. Long term interest rate positions can also be monitored, which activity is carried out by the bank's staff. Advisory plays an important part of treasury services, which activity has an increasingly important role.

Main treasury products

Foreign Exchange Market

  • Spot and forward trading in local and hard currency
  • Corporate dealing

Money & Debt market

  • Time deposits in local and hard currency
  • Treasury bills
  • Treasury bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Commercial paper


  • Directional Economics